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“Having a broker negotiate finance on your behalf is the smart way to go as you will have more time, less stress and can make the most of your money"



We work for you - not the bank - we delve deep into your situation and ask the right questions so we can find you the right solution. We handle everything from single loans to complex structures including consolidation, restructure, purchase and refinance - leaving you time to enjoy life.


We have access to hundreds of loans from a wide variety of lenders to finance your home, vehicle, business, equipment or commercial projects. We will work with you to find the loan that suits your individual circumstances so you can make the most of your money.


We take the stress out of borrowing by taking care of the entire application process. We organise your documents, speak with the bank, push the process along and act as your one point of contact through to settlement and beyond. 


In most cases, the very short answer is nothing. While we are paid by the bank, we work for you, finding the best deal for your situation. We only charge fees for commercial or business loans or loans with a complex structure. We are fully upfront about our fees and will let you know if they apply to you during your initial consultation.


How do we get paid?

We get paid a commission by the bank or lender when your loan settles. As we are fully upfront about our fees, you can be confident that we are on your side.


We negotiate on your behalf

Most lenders do not offer their best rates upfront. Cliff & Moss Finance Brokers cut through the bank process to negotiate a competitive rate for you.


Business and finance has always been a part of Johnathon’s life. His parents owned and operated family-run businesses, including dental surgeries and commercial fruit orchards. After completing his schooling, Johnathon took the opportunity to travel and work overseas.

“I wandered around for a few years and while working in finance in England, I realised that business and finance were the areas that really interested me.”

Johnathon returned to Australia and completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance, at the Qld University of Technology in Brisbane. While studying he started work as a bank teller and quickly progressed into a Business Banker position in Melbourne. He has worked in personal, business and agri banking and assisted clients in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, farming, construction and professional services. Johnathon also worked for a national debt collection agency and understands the lifelong consequences of mis-management of debt.

“Working for a big four bank, I gained knowledge of how the ‘bank machine’ works and working in debt collection showed me what happens when finance goes bad. This has given me valuable insights into how I can assist clients with debt structures that have a positive impact on their lifestyle.”

Cliff & Moss Finance Brokers was born from a desire to provide personalised service and tailored financial needs.

“I was having to fit customers to the bank instead of fitting the bank to the customer. As a broker, I have access to thirty or more banks and can help clients find the right option for their situation, which may involve the client having multiple loans with multiple banks.”

Starting as a single operator working from home, Johnathon is now the manager of two successful brands – Cliff & Moss Finance Brokers and Healthy Loans Professional. His main team operates from an office in Dalby and provides a one stop shop for all finance needs including home loans, personal loans, business finance, agri lending, refinance, car loans, equipment loans and SMSF lending.

“One of the things that I enjoy most about my work is the pleasure, relief and sense of security I see in clients when I have found a loan to allow them to purchase a home, I have refinanced existing debt to allow them to grow faster or I have assisted with an investment loan to allow them to live better.”

Married with two children, Johnathon lives in Dalby where extended family are based. He plays competitive squash, enjoys camping and lives for sustainable farming.

Keen supporters of our local and rural community
Why we support the Broncos Dalby Development Program

Were you aware of the community development programs that run in conjunction with the Brisbane Broncos?  The program is aimed at helping children become better people at whatever they do - not just football. We were fortunate to be asked to provide a series of talks to Grade 6 students on some life skills around managing money. 


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